Winter in the North and Summer in the South.

With Centuries of Asian history, the using of wood in furniture is both conventional and modern. Wood Furniture bring the feelings of coziness and elegance. Today, the using of natural wood has comes to the limit due to drawbacks of natural wood in the tropical weather of Viet Nam. Amy has recreated natural wood grain of valuable wood such as American Oak and walnut especilly used for luxurius furniture. Wood look tiles bring coziness for the cold winter of ther north, which is advantegeous for customizing furniture, regardless of classic or modem style. Because tiles surface always have stable temperature anf 5 -7 C below enviroment  temperature, wood look tiles bring the cool feelings, suitable for South weather. Amy lunched the wood look tiles collection. sizing 30x60cm,6060,8080,1977,60120,80240, which is very diverse for architectures and inverstors to select for their construction project.