Even from the ancient time on over the world, flower lovers have paid special attention and love to orchids. Although in each region, each ethnic group, the orchid’s meaning is different, it always contains

contains good meaning.

According to the stories told, Orchid flowers are the incarnations of Aruaki tribe girls trying to protect the treasure before invasion of white people.

The words which the orchid’s branch tranfers, is the love and perfection, praises the beauty of soul and intellect. It can be the beauty of charm, delication, luxury, nobility or gentleless, elegance. It also can be the

beauty of intellect,  purity or strength assertiveness.

Orchid has the beauty and aroma of a noble flower, they are full of arrogance, noble of regalias.

Putting orchid pattern into wall tile product, Amy bring to customer with  modern space, friendly, elegant as its meaning .

The collection simulates image of maple leaves that bring us indescribable emotion like when the autumn knocks the door, creating a romantic scene as if they are walking in Montreal when the sky has just been over.

The spotlight in stylized wood VEIN stretching helps the application space as endless.

The set is designed with 2 main colors tone:

Creamy – warm yellow tone

Eleganty grey stone tone

The product is designed with glossy enamel surface, luxurious, easy to clean. The chamfered edge design  helps to shape for the room, highlighting contour patterns as accents that separate light and dark areas.

This product is applied with digital printing technique to create lively color and true pattern.

The product can be suitable for applying at many space such as: bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, livingroom at house or big constructions such as: restaurant, hotel, spa, coffee house,…

You can refer to some applied gallery spaces as below:

The house brings shine when be applied “ Orchid Collection”

Orchid collection’s elegant and delicate beauty

Luxurious and elegant bathroom with Orchid collection of Amy

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