With rustic tones, exquisite colors through natural wood vein contours, Wood Vein tiles Collection of AMY will bring aesthetic novelty beauty but still modern and natural for spaces.

Considered as the wonderful and precious gift from nature, from the past to the present – the wood – has been always “favored” as the main material used for interior decoration .

In the past, the wood was often used in noble families,  up to now, its value still extinct once wooden objects always bring luxurious and level beauty. Not only, natural wood color interior

style is evaluated to be strong rising by professionals.

Catching the new trend, Amy chooses and simulates high quality and popular woods in the market in its design. The Hardwood is one of those ideas.

The Hardwood is one of 10 kinds of precious wood in Viet Nam. It is slightly yellow or slightly turning to pink, the sapwood is yellow, the heartwood is deep brown, when the sap flows out ,

it has slight scent. The wood vein density is sufficient, very beautiful, easy to design and create patterns in many different styles. inspired fromm this rare wood, Amy launchs Hardwood

wood VEIN tile product, they are designed simulation in regulary, sharp and high – level truth.


Natural color tone – Easily combined with interior decoration

A typical wood has been usually used to Europe interior decoration – the Beech became intense inspiration for Amy’s designers. In Europe, the beech is the popular tree that accounts for about 80% of forest area.

The Beech  becomes familiar and attached with Europan life through long – standing legend. It appeared in Greek mythology or Norse mythology, considered as sacred and power of kings and gods in ancient.

The beech is the symbol of strength and endurance and represents  for the nations of Germany since the early nineteen century. It was no coincidence that in the past, the beech was so loved. Because this tree is hidden in its beauty and power with the straight lines of wood, the wood vein is beautiful, the wood surface is tight. Sometimes, the heart wood appears deeply yellow striations that makes impression in patterns. So, the beech wood designs has always showed the luxury, assurance and durability. All factors are reconveyed in Beech product by Amy designers.


Luxurious space with Beech product

A design insprised by precious wood – North America red oak creates  Amy’s Red Oak products. The red oak is preeminent wood, perfect for application in interior design, they provide material source with characteristics that can be said the mixture of  “contemporary” and “traditional” , extremely durable.



                         The collection creates a cozy feeling for your home.

What a warm and natural air is that this collection is especially intended for customers. The excellent technical characteristics of the tiles allow products to bring new warmth to the house with natural and emotional appeal. From the store space to the living room, kitchen and bathroom, shopping malls or public areas thanks to the high durability characteristic of this type of porcelain tiles.

           If you are interested in products in Amy’s the wood vein collection, please contact hotline 19009212 for the fastest purchase support!